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Repair of Broken, Damaged and Snapped Video Tape

Repair of Broken, Damaged and Snapped Video Tape

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Repairing your broken video tapes - £40 per tape

Broken, snapped and damage video and camcorder tapes can be repaired.

Broken Video Tape Repair

Ridley Photographic Ltd rescue all salvageable footage and transfer it to DVD for you. The cost of video tape repair is £40

We can fix the following tape formats - VHS, SVHS,VHS-c, Camcorder formats such as 8mm (Video8), Hi8, and Digital8, MiniDV and Betamax (also known as Beta, Beta HiFi or Beta Movie).

For information on professional video tape repair such as DVcam, Umatic, Betacam SP, Digital Beta and DVCPRO please contact us for availability.

Problems We Can Fix

We fix video tape and cassettes which have physical damage. Examples are

Video Tapes
  • Damaged, snarled and tangled video footage
  • Video tape which has snapped or come off the reel
  • Video tapes which are ejected by the player or refuse to play
  • Video cassettes which pieces or which have parts missing

We may be able to repair video tape which is water damaged, exposed to damp and humidity or which has gone mouldy depending on the extent of the damage.

Problems We Cannot Fix

In general, we cannot fix video tape faults which have been caused by bad recording due to a equipment malfunction. These include

Broken Videos
  • Lines appearing on the screen fort the whole length of the recording
  • Vertical scrolling of the image on the screen
  • Problems with the sound on the video tape
  • Video recordings which have sound but no picture
  • Video Tapes which have been erased or recorded over
  • Very mouldy video tapes

How to Order

Video Cassettes

Getting your video tape repair to us couldn't be easier

  • Drop your tapes at our High Street London Studios in Camden (See map)
  • Pay Online, print our the receipt and send it us with your tapes (preferred method)
  • Use our mail order repair form. On receipt of your work, we will call you, confirm any instructions and take payment by credit card over the phone
Video Tape Repairs generally take around 10 working days. A rush service is available at 50% extra - please contact us for details.

Back-up DVD Copies - £5

Ordering a back-up DVD copy is a great idea because just one small scratch on the original DVD can stop it from playing. Back up DVD's are only £5 per video tape

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