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Professional Video Editing

Professional Video Editing

See also >> Editable Computer Files from Cine and Video Tapes

Cine Film, Video Tape and Camcorder Editing

Let Ridley Photographic Ltd London add that professional finishing touch to your home movies. We can edit from all formats of consumer and professional tapes including VHS, Hi8, Digital8 and Video8 camcorder tapes, digital video tapes such as MiniDV and DVcam. We also edit cine film and home movie footage along with computer ready files such as AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, RM and QuickTime.

Examples of typical editng requests are listed below.

  • Titles at the beginning and end
  • Music over the top of existing sound
  • Sections of your video footage can edited out or moved
  • Wipe and fade transition effects can be added between scenes
  • Time lapse and slow motion effects can be included
  • Scene Captions
  • Video tape and cine footage can be darkened or lightened
  • Home movie footage can be optimised for contrast, saturation and colour balance.

How to order

The first step is to compile a list containing a description of the scene, an approximate time code, and the editing that needs to be done. You can drop your editng work off at our studios in London or pop it in the post to us.

With mail order work we will call you when it arrives, confirm your instructions and take payment by credit card over the phone. You can also send us a cheque ( payable to Ridley Photographic Ltd ). Video and cine home movie editing cost £25 per hour inc VAT.

Internet Ready Video for Display on the Web

Get in touch with us if you need your video footage optimised for web display. There are a range of streaming video options ensuring your video plays smoothly on the web site of your choice. We produce optimised files in AVI, QuickTime, WMV and Flash formats. Contact us for advice.

Video Editing - Examples

We have a professional corporate video production unit who shoot and edit event videos around London and the UK. Below are examples of edited video showing a range of techniques which can be applied to your home movies and video footage

Video Editing Editing Video

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