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Video8 Camcorder Tapes to DVD

Video8 Camcorder Tapes to DVD

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Video8 Transfer to DVD - from £10

Have your 8mm Video8 camcorder tapes professionally transferred to DVD by video specialist Ridley Photographic Ltd - a member of the Kodak Express Network. Get them copied now before they deteriorate any further.

Video8 Copies to DVD - Costs

Video8 to DVDAll Video8 copying to DVD is done ONSITE meaning that your invaluable Vide8 camcorder tapes will not be lost and also rendering top quality work.

  • The cost of copying 1-4 Video8 tapes to DVD is £20 per tape
  • Send us 5 or more Video tapes and we give you 25% off - just £15 a tape.
  • 20 or more Video tapes to DVD cost just £10.00 per video tape - a 50% discount

Any mix of the following tape formats is allowed to qualify for the discounts - All camcorder tapes including Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and VHS-C, VHS, Mini DV, S-VHS and Betamax.

You may want to consider ordering an extra copy of your Video8 transfer work as a back up. DVDs do last a life time but one scratch will cause the DVD to become unplayable.

An extra copy costs just £5 and will give you complete peace of mind. Extra copies on 5 or more tapes are just £4 each and extra copies on 20 or more video tapes are an amazing £2.50 each - the cheapest in the UK.

Video8 to DVD - How to Order

There are three options to get your transfer work to us

Video8 to DVD
  • Drop your video work off at our High Street Studios in Camden London
  • Pay online, and then print out the shopping cart receipt and send it to us along with your Video8 tapes. This is our preferred method.
  • Alternatively, you can fill out our Mail Order Video Form and send it us with your tapes. On receipt of the video we will call you, confirm, your instructions and take payment over the phone by credit or debit card.

Turn around is 3 working days - There is a RUSH service if required (24 hours). If required we can produce editable files from your Video8 camcorder tapes for editing on your home computer. See our Editable Files page for more information. The editable files are sent out in place of encoded DVDs (which cannot be edited). There is no extra cost for this service.

NTSC to PAL Video8 Copies to DVD

We can convert NTSC format (Japanese, American and Canadian TV standard) to PAL (British TV Standard). See NTSC to PAL for more info.

Broken Video8 Tape Repairs

We can repair your broken Video8 camcorder tape. We will rescue all usable Video8 footage and copy it to DVD for you.

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