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VHS Video to DVD  - from 10 per tape

VHS Video to DVD - from £10 per tape

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VHS Video Copies to DVD - Costs

VHS Transfers

We are professional video transfer specialists based in London and supplying the whole of the UK.

  • VHS video transfer to DVD costs £20 per Video tape (any length).
  • If you give us 5 or more video tapes there is a 25% discount - just £15 per tape.
  • If you have 20 or more tapes to transfer to DVD we give you a 50% discount - just £10 per VHS tape.

You can send us any mix of tapes in the following formats - VHS, S-VHS, VHS- C, Hi8, Digital8 and Video8 camcorder tapes, Mini-DV and Betamax Video tapes.


How to Order

Callers and online customers are welcome . If you have questions on VHS to DVD copying please get in touch with us.

VHS Tapes

  • Pop into our High Street Studios in Camden London and drop off your work
  • Post us your tapes using the Mail Order Form - on receipt we will telephone you, confirm your instructions and take payment by credit card over the phone
  • Make payment now online, print out the shopping cart receipt and send it with your video tapes to us (preferred method)

If you have lots of short videos ( less than one hour ) call us and ask for a deal

Should I order an extra copy of the DVD?

An extra back-up copy of your DVD is a very good idea. DVD's last a life time and can be played an unlimited amount of times without loss of quality. However one scratch or scuff mark on the DVD might render it unplayable.

Our back up copies are tremendous value for money at just £5 per tape. Send us 5 video tapes or more and pay just £4 per tape for the back-up copies. Send us 20 or more tapes and the back-up copies will cost just £2.50 each

Video Tape to DVD

VHS Video Transfer Service - General

This Video to DVD service is exclusive to London Photographic Ltd. All video work is done onsite.

VHS Video to DVD

We are part of Kodak Express which is your assurance of quality and service.

Copyright on VHS Video Tapes

VHS transfer work is undertaken on the basis that you are the video copyright owner OR that you have been given permission from the copyright owner to duplicate the tape. Commercial VHS tapes can be copied to DVD if you were the original purchaser of the material. Legally, we can make one copy of the DVD from the VHS video tape.

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