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Umatic Video Transfer to DVD

Umatic Video Transfer to DVD

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U-matic Transfer to DVD - from £30 ( inc VAT ) per Video Tape

U-Matic to DVD Transfers Ridley Photographic Ltd convert U-matic video tapes - Low-Band, High-Band and SP - to encoded DVDs ( uneditable) and editable computer files.

Editable computer files are provided in place of a normal encoded DVD and are supplied at no extra cost.

We charge £40 per U-matic tape - give us 5 or more and we will give you a 25% discount, bringing the price down to just £30 each.

Due to high archive demands from corporate customers turn around time is at present 10 working days. A Rush Service ( at 50% extra ) may be available - please contact us with your query.

We strongly advise customers to order an extra back DVD copy of your U-matic Tape work. DVD's are easily scratched and damaged, rendering them unplayable. A back up copy will give you peace of mind and costs only £5.

How To Order

U-matic Video TapesIf you live close enough, you are welcome to drop your U-matic Tapes off at our High Street Studios in Camden London. ( See Map ). For those of you that live too far away there are two options:

Firstly - Pay Online, print of the receipt and send it to us with your Umatic Tapes ( preferred method ). Secondly - Use our Umatic Mail Order Form - We will phone you on receipt of your work, confirm instructions and take payment by credit card over the phone

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries on your Umatic Transfers

General Info on U-matic Videos

Umatic transfer work is done on the understanding that you own the copyright or have written permission from the copyright owner to duplicate the umatic video tapes. If you are in any way confused about copyright please get in touch

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