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Telecine Frame by Frame Scanning

Telecine Frame by Frame Scanning

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How we do it - Telecine Frame by Frame scans of your Super 8mm and Standard 8mm Cine Film

There's no secret why our cine transfers are so good - we have bought the best custom built telecine equipment available for the job. Combine this with our handling expertise and our unique Cine Film Cleaning Service and your cine film transfers will be the best they can possibly be.

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Benefits of using our Telecine Cine Film Transfer Service

The equipment used allows us to do frame by frame telecine scans of your Super 8 and Standard 8mm cine film

  • Light source is a very bright LED lamp with no associated heat - essential to protect your cine film
  • The LED light source gives even illumination and good contrast across the entire frame
  • No hotspots caused by uneven lighting and no vignetting
  • An enlarged film gate means that 100% of the image is captured with no cropping
  • The unit features a sprocketless drive - eliminating cine film damage in case of jams
  • Frame by frame scanning gives 100% flicker free results.
  • The cine film is captured from the emulsion side of the film - giving pin sharp focus and resolution

We are not the cheapest cine film transfer company on the internet. Our prices reflect the quality and standard of service we provide. Given the outstanding nature of our results we are very competitively priced. With telecine film copy and conversion services the old adage 'you get what you pay for' definitely applies.

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