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NTSC Video  Tapes to PAL DVD

NTSC Video Tapes to PAL DVD

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NTSC to PAL Conversions - £40

NTSC to Pal TransferSome countries such as Canada, USA and Japan, use the NTSC TV standard. Video tapes from these countries will not play on the UK PAL TV and DVD equipment, although the videos can usually be played on most computer systems. Let Ridley Photographic Ltd, Video Conversion Specialists working within the Kodak Express Group, convert your NTSC tapes to a PAL DVD.

The cost is £40 per video tape. Extra back up copies of the DVD are just £5 each and are a good idea in case your original DVD copy gets scratched or damaged. We can supply editable files for home editing at no extra charge. These are supplied in place of the encoded DVD (not editable) which we normally give you.

NTSC to PAL ConversionsWe can convert the following NTSC video and camcorder tapes to a PAL DVD

  • 8mm video tapes including HI 8, Video 8 and Digital 8
  • All VHS tapes including VHS-C and SVHS
  • NTSC MiniDV tapes
  • Betamax NTSC video, sometimes called Beta HiFi, Betamovie, Betachord and Beta

For NTSC to PAL conversions of professional video formats such as U-matic, DVCPRO, DVCAM, and DigiBeta please contact us.

How to Order you NTSC to PAL Conversions

NTSC to PAL Video Transfers

The easiest method is to drop off your video work at our High Street London studios (Map). Otherwise -

  • Pay Online, print off the receipt and send it to us with your NTSC work (preferred method)
  • Use our Mail Order Form - you can pay by cheque or credit card over the phone

General Info

If you have any questions on NTSC which are not covered on this page please get in touch with us.

  • The costs quoted for NTSC and PAL transfers are VAT inclusive
  • Allow 10 working days for NTSC/PAL conversion work
  • Broken NTSC video tapes can be fixed using our video tape repair service
  • We charge 10% for postage and packing
  • Please contact us for availability of SECAM (France) conversions to PAL

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