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MiniDV Video Tapes to DVD

MiniDV Video Tapes to DVD

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Mini DV to DVD Transfer - from £10

MiniDV is a format used by amateurs and professionals alike. Ridley Photographic Ltd copy miniDV tapes to DVD and the costs are as follows

MiniDV Camera
  • £20 for 1 to 4 MiniDV Tapes
  • £15 for five on more MiniDV tapes to DVD - 25% Discount
  • £10 for 20 or more MiniDV Video Tapes - 50% Discount - Cheap Cheap Cheap
  • The turn around time in the studio is generally three working days
  • A RUSH service (24 hours) is available at 50% extra
  • You can send us any mix of tapes in the following formats to qualify for the discounts - MiniDV, HI8, Betamax, Video8, VHS, Digital8, VHS-c and S-VHS
  • We can also fix broken, damaged and snapped miniDV tapes

How to Order your MiniDV to DVD Copies

MiniDV Tapes

  • Drop off your MiniDV work at our London Studios ( Map ).
  • Pay online, print out the receipt and post it to us along with your MiniDV videos (preferred method)
  • Use the mail order form - we will call you on receipt of your tapes, confirm your instructions and take payment by credit card over the phone

We are a specialist video transfer studio and are part of the Kodak Express group, putting your mind at rest when you shop with us.

MiniDV Back Up Copies of your DVD - from £2.50

Mini DV Video Tapes to DVDDamage, scratches and scuff marks can all prevent your DVD from playing. The costs are as follows

  • Just £5 per MiniDV tape for less than 5
  • Send us 5 or more MiniDV tapes and pay just £4 for each back up copy
  • Send us 20 or more video tapes ( mixed formats) and pay ONLY £2.50 per copy

Order a back up copy for complete peace of mind

Editable Computer files from MiniDV Tapes

Computer files for home editing are available. We provide editable computer files for both PC's and Mac's. These are provided in place of encoded DVD's which cannot be edited. Editable files are provided at no extra charge.

MiniDV NTSC to PAL Conversion

MiniDV to NTSC

Much of our MiniDV video tape work is NTSC to PAL conversions.

These tapes have been shot on NTSC video cameras. If you have tried to transfer the footage yourself but cannot see a coherent image then it is likely the miniDV video was shot abroad in a country which uses the NTSC TV standard - Japan, USA and Canada.

We can transfer your MiniDV tapes from NTSC to PAL for you.

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