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Editable Computer Files

Editable Computer Files

Video Files for Computer Editing on MACs and PCs

Most of our video and camcorder customers require encoded DVDs from their transfer work. These play on a computer and a DVD player connected to a TV but cannot be edited. If you would like the option of editing your home movies on your computer you will need editable computer files.

We supply these files for PCs and MACs in place of a normal encoded DVD. There is no extra cost involved. We assume that once you have edited your video on your computer you will know how to burn your own encoded DVDs for playing on PAL and NTSC TV systems.

The video files are supplied at a compression which will not compromise the quality of the original source material. This is the option which is suited to the majority of our customers who require video files.

AVI Video Files for Professional Editing

Uncompressed AVI video files can be supplied from any video tape format. Customers who need their video footage at the highest possible quality should choose this option. The cost of these files is £60 per hour of video.

Customers can supply their own Hard Drives or can request the files on a data DVD. A DVD will only hold approximately 20 minutes of uncompressed AVI footage. If you have a tape which is an hour long we will supply you with 3 DVDs containing the footage.

We can also transfer the footage to a Mini DV tape if required. If you have a Mini DV camera or player you will then be able to FireWire the video footage straight into your computer.

How to Order your Editable Files

Use the navigation buttons on the left to select your video format and then follow the instructions on the page.

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