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Negatives to Digital Photos - Scan to CD and DVD

Negatives to Digital Photos - Scan to CD and DVD

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Digital Photos from Negatives - 35mm and APS ( Advantix Film )

As part of the Kodak group, Ridley Photographic Ltd use high spec, top of the range, high volume, commercial negative film scanners made by Noritsu - costing many thousands of pounds. Each negative is individually inspected on a computer screen prior to scanning and adjustments made for contrast , colour balance and saturation. Digital Ice Technology is used to further enhance the image giving breath-taking results.

Negative ScanniingDigital Photos from Negatives

We scan APS (Advantix) film, 35mm colour negative film, 35mm Black and White film and professional 120 medium format (MF) negative film. ( Go to our Professional 120 MF Film Scanning Page )

APS and 35mm Negative Scan File Sizes and Resolution

The scanned digital images are supplied on CDs or DVDs

  • Standard Resolution - The digital photos are supplied as jpegs and are between 4 and 5mb when opened in photoshop and are suitable for printing to A3 (12 x 18inches). This is the option which suits most people.
  • High Resolution - The scanned digital image (jpeg) is around 18mb when opened in Photoshop and is suitable for printing to A1
  • Tiff Scanning - For specialist only. Uncompressed Tiff scans are around 50mb in size

Film Negative Scanning Costs - from 10p per frame

Standard Resolution20p15p10p
High Resolution 40p30p20p
Tiff Scanning £1£1£1

The above costs apply to rolls of developed uncut film, and film that has been cut into strips. A strip must contain at least 2 negative frames (typically 4 or 6 ). Negatives which have been cut down to a single frame are too short to go through our scanner without specialist handling . We will happily do them them at a cost of £2 per single frame

How to Order

The minimum order value for scanning is £4 (excluding p/p)

Negative Scanning
  • Drop off your negatives at our high street print studios in Camden High Street London (Map)
  • Pay Online for your scanning work and then post it to us (preferred method)
  • Use our Mail Order Scanning Form, post your work to us - we will call you, confirm your instructions and take payment by credit over the phone

Please get in touch with us if what you need is not here.

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