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A Guide to Cine Film Formats

A Guide to Cine Film Formats

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Super 8mm and Standard 8mm Film

Super 8mm and 8mm gets its name from the width of the film - 8mm.

8mm Cine Film Guide
  • This is by far the most popular consumer cine film
  • 3 inch diameter reels are approx 3.5 minutes long and contain 50 ft of film
  • 5 inch diameter reels are approx 14 minutes long and contain 200ft of film
  • 7 inch diameter reels are approx 30 minutes long and contain 400ft of film
  • Sprocket hole size and distance between the two 8mm formats varies slightly
  • Super 8 with sound has by a brown magnetic stripe running down the side
  • Cine Reels with sound were only made for 5 inch diameter reels and above

99% of all our customer transfers are Super 8mm or Standard 8mm cine film.

9.5mm Cine Format Identification

9.5mm Cine Film9.5mm Cine film is named after it's width - 9.5mm . It is a rarely seen format of cine film dating back to the 1880's. It is instantly recognisable by the sprocket holes in the middle of the film.

It was available initially in black and white and then in colour - always with no sound.

16mm Cine Format Identification

16mm Cine Film16mm is named after the width of the film. It was a cine format favoured extensively amongst serious amateur and professional users.

Silent 16mm film has sprocket holes on both sides of the film. 16mm film was also made with an optical sound track running down one edge of the film which means that there are sprocket holes on only one side of the film.

16mm and 9.5mm Reel Diameters and Running Times


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