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Betamax To DVD - Betamovie, Beta, Betachord and Beta Hifi

Betamax To DVD - Betamovie, Beta, Betachord and Beta Hifi

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Betamax Video Copies to DVD - from just £10 per Tape

Betamax video tape copies to DVD are just £20 per Betamax Tape. If you have 5 or more Betamax videos we charge you just £15 per tape. Send us 20 or more videos for transfer to DVD and the cost goes down by 50% - just £10 per tape. Other names for Betamax tape are Beta Hifi, Betamovie, Beta and Betacord

Ordering Your Video Tape to DVD Conversions

You can send us any mix of tapes in the following video formats - S-VHS, VHS, Hi8, VHS- C, Video8 and Digital8 camcorder video tapes, Betamax Video tapes and Mini-DV to qualify for the above discounts.

Betamax Video
  • Drop your video work off at our London High Street Studios
  • Pay Online, print out the shopping cart form and send it along with your video tapes (preferred method)
  • Mail us your video tapes using the Mail Order Form - We will phone you on receipt of your work, confirm your instructions and take payment by credit card over the phone

Betamax back up DVD copy - from just £2.50 each

DVDs can last a lifetime - as long as they don't get scratched or scuffed. A back up copy of the DVD means you will never lose your your video transfers. The cost of an extra copy is just £5. The price drops to £4 per back up when you send us 5 or more tapes and £2.50 per back up copy on 20 or more tapes.


Betamax Video Copies on DVD - General

Our Betamax to DVD transfers are exclusive to Ridley Photographic Ltd - all work is done on site at our London Studios.

Betamax Video Tapes
  • Turn around times on Betamax to DVD transfer work is 3 days
  • 24 hour service on Betamax to DVD is available at 50% extra
  • If your Betamax tape is broken try our Betamax Tape Repair Service
  • We can provide Betamax Editable Files for home editing on your computer
  • Professional editing of your Betamax Video tape is available
  • We can convert American Betamax (NTSC to PAL) to UK TV standards
  • Postage and packing on Betamax tapes is charged at 10%

We are part of the Kodak Express network which means quality and peace of mind when ordering online.

If you need a Betamax service which is not listed please do not hesitate to get in touch for some free friendly advice.

Betamax to DVD Conversion - Tape length and playing time

A Betamax L-750 Video tape is 750ft in length. The table below gives the running time of Betamax Videos of varying lengths. (PAL tapes only).

Betamax Type L-125L-165L-250L-370L-500L-750
Betamax Time 32 mins43 mins65 mins96 mins130 mins195 mins

Copyright on Commercial Betamax Tapes

We can transfer commercial betamax tapes to DVD and produce one copy. To do this you must assure us that you were the original purchaser of the Betamax tape. In the case of personal home movies on Betamax tape we must have your assurance that you are the copyright owner or that you have permission from the copyright owner to duplicate the Betamax Tapes on DVD.

For conversion of professional TV formats such as , Beta Cam, Beta SP or DigiBeta Video tapes please get in touch.

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